Haggerstone Island Guest House

Even amid the magnificent island resorts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Haggerstone is an extraordinary island experience offering the ultimate in intimacy and privacy. Accessible only by air, it is an incredibly remote and unspoilt Robinson Crusoe retreat approximately 600 kilometres north from Cairns, and a few miles from a wild stretch of the northern Great Barrier Reef mainland coast.

Haggerstone Island 600 kms north of Cairns Secluded Beaches No words can capture Haggerstone, it is beyond description for its natural beauty and true pristine wilderness... used by Vogue magazine in their 1994 summer fashion shoot it rendered even the most experienced photographers on this global magazine speechless with its beauty.

The marine life is simply unbelievable.. shipwrecks, beach combing for WW2 artifacts, snorkeling, and the fishing... and complemented by a superb yet simple mouth watering cuisine featuring all fresh natural foods. The incredible remoteness of Haggerstone ensures an experience very rare on this planet. If you value absolute simplicity above all else - no maids, TV, mobile phones, computers, mirrors or egos, this is it.

Your Hosts: Roy And Turner Turner Anna and I came to Haggerstone in April 1985 with a 70 ton barge loaded with poles, timber, fruit trees chickens and an old tractor. The island was jungle covered, uninhabited and hundreds of miles from what they know as civilisation.

They were not to know they were to spend nearly six years alone on the island, but they set out to create a Robinson Crusoe style abode in the wild.

Many years later, here they are on Haggerstone. It is now truly a home in the wilderness and by their standards, truly palatial. They tend to forget that they lived in a tent for a year and carried water by bucket for two. Haggerstone Island is their home, and an Island Guest House, and they welcome you to their home and hope you enjoy your stay.

It is a private Island - a small complex of tropical timber buildings, gardens, orchard and dams. They only cater for small numbers of guests (6-8), and with an abundance of fresh fish and vegetables they live well, eat well, and as one guest put it, "survive in style".

Self Contained Huts Haggerstone is a truly unique and wonderful place, set amidst true wilderness country, teeming with fish and bird life and surrounded by some of the most magnificent pristine coral gardens in the world. Haggerstone provides a luxurious base from which to ramble or explore, or... just to be.

Access is generally via private charter small aircraft from Cairns to a neighboring island where they have an airstrip. They meet you there and transfer you to Haggerstone by boat, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Sea Plane transfers are also available, and although more costly provide a breathtaking journey along the Great Barrier Reef and landing on their very doorstep. Flying time either way is approximately two and a half hours.

Things To Do

FISHING: is fantastic at all levels, rod, reel or fly fishing, reef, ocean or river. As there is NO human habitation for nearly one hundred miles in any direction, the fishing grounds around them are rarely disturbed. Bait is caught off the island beach.

SPEAR FISHING: is an often used method of food gathering. Catches of reef fish and tropical crayfish are easily obtained on nearby reefs.

SNORKELING: is also at its best. Two incredibly clear lagoons put their beautiful coral gardens right on your door step. The utter remoteness of the location ensures that the marine life is prolific. Adjacent to Haggerstone on the Outer Barrier Reef is one of the largest Green Turtle rookeries in the world, and turtles are abundant in the waters off Haggerstone.

Tropical Lifestyle Also close by they have discovered an 1840s shipwreck in a shallow reef garden. Its giant anchors, winching blocks and bronze keel bolts are all easily visible from surface snorkeling.

BEACH COMBING: The adjacent mainland beaches provide many miles of adventurous beach combing as they are all totally uninhabited and there are NO access roads into the region.

VERY LITTLE: They have a good selection of classical and contemporary music CDs on the island, as well as a well stocked and carefully selected reading library. Under a palm tree, on a verandah, or on a quiet and secluded beach - just please yourself.

Fresh Seafood They have a big 7 metre twin engine power catamaran, a 7 metre and a 6 metre fibreglass long boat, all available for fishing, diving and exploration.


Most of their food is gathered and grown on the island, and is usually cooked on the sun deck fireplace.

Tropical fruits, their own poultry, fresh fish and vegetables and an abundance of coconuts from an old coconut plantation, combine to produce a unique and rich variety of dishes; bread is baked on the island, muesli toasted with grated coconut, fish is pickled and smoked and coconut is used extensively for both meat and "cream" - not forgetting "tuba" the alcoholic beverage that is tapped from coconut trees.

Unforgettable evenings Enjoy unforgettable evenings on the sun deck with the sunset over the surrounding reef and the aroma of roasting shellfish, sipping fine wines in a true wilderness. They also use a sand cay off the northern end of the island as an unforgettable dining room.

They have a good selection of red and white wines and a well stocked bar on the island, and before you arrive, they check with you if you have any particular preference for wines or beverages, and buy these in for you, charging you only the purchase price they pay - therefore no exorbitant markups.


They have three guest houses, each with shower and toilet, snack bench, fridge and sink plus verandahs with spectacular views out to sea. Each house has a double bed and single sofa bed and additional beds are available if required. The guest houses can accommodate up to four people.

Main building contains kitchen, two bathrooms, bar, well stocked library, dining area. handcrafted huts
Two self contained handcrafted huts
Ensuites and kitchenette with solar fridge
Living area, and sun decks overlooking coral lagoons
Daily room service and laundry service (if required!)
One rustic beach hut with outside shower, vanity and toilet
Kitchenette with solar fridge

They have their own satellite telephone on the island for 24 a day communication world wide, although NOT FOR BUSINESS! The satellite link supports both telephone and fax. They are also connected to the Royal Flying Doctor radio service for medical emergencies. They also have various shipping radio frequencies available to contact cruise and cargo ships.

Great Fishing Costs
Rates valid 1 April 2000 - 31 March 2001:
Most people opt for a 7 night stay to benefit from traveling to this incredibly remote location. The rates are based on the number of people in your group.

Single $600 per night
2 - 3 people $550 per person per night
4 - 5 people $500 per person per night
6 people $470 per person per night

Included in these prices are all meals, all fishing and snorkeling, and all excursions. For trips outside 5 nautical miles, there is a surcharge of $20 per nautical mile.

The above rates include 10% GST from 1 July 2000. Please note that the island is closed from 14 January to 15 March each year.

Child Policy:
Children under 14 years of age sharing accommodation with their parent are half adult price.
Children 14 years and older are full adult price.

Transfer from Cairns to Haggerstone Island is via private air charter. Flying time is approximately two hours. Prices are available on request, as they can vary from $320 to $400 per person each way, depending on availability of aircraft.

Terms of payment and Cancellation policy:
Upon confirmation of the booking, a 30% deposit must be paid to Travel Online. If a booking is cancelled within 90 days prior to the arrival date at Haggerstone Island, this 30% non-refundable deposit will be forfeit.

For bookings cancelled 91 or more days prior to arrival, no cancellation fee will apply.

They suggest you take out comprehensive travel insurance to protect you from unforeseen cancellations.